The amazing production process of your Cube’s RGB LEDs

The amazing production process of your Cube’s RGB LEDs

I could (and do!) watch industrial automation and CNC machining videos for hours. The precision, complexity and speed of these machines has a kind of beauty to it that I find fascinating.

The video below I find particularly impressive. It shows how the programmable RGB LEDs ((Red, Green, Blue Light Emitting Diodes) are made. Your Cube has 10 of these LEDs built-in, and the light strip that comes with the CanDo Creator Kit has even more of these LEDs. If you squint closely at your LED strip, you’ll see that each individual white circular LED actually has some little components inside. One of those components is a teeny-tiny microprocess chip that controls separate individual red, green and blue LEDs. You can learn more about the LEDs in your light strip in the Applied Technology course video at

You should be able to recognize the individual components inside your Cube’s RGB LEDs in the video below, and be amazed at the intricate process that goes into manufacturing and testing each LED. And you are a proud owner of about 40 of these LEDs just in your kit!

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