Samsung and Harvard University want to copy->paste the brain onto a chip 😲

Samsung and Harvard University want to copy->paste the brain onto a chip 😲

As a world leader in 3-dimensional solid state memory chip technology, Samsung and Harvard University have described a future vision in which a ‘neuromorphic chip’ based on 3D memory and with 100 trillion ‘memories’ capacity could store the ~100 billion neurons and ~100 trillion synapse connections of a human brain.

There’s a pretty good summary of what this is all about on Samsung’s own blog, so check it out! Their news release ends with this quote:

β€œThe vision we present is highly ambitious,” said Dr. Ham. β€œBut working toward such a heroic goal will push the boundaries of machine intelligence, neuroscience, and semiconductor technology.”

If you consider one of our previous articles on Google and Harvard’s interactive 3D map of the brain, and this super interesting video from Arstechnica on the process to slice and digitize the brain, this copy->paste process looks a little bit like a one-way, terminal operation for the brain involved, so still quite some way to go before putting one’s brain in a chip becomes an appealing option πŸ˜…!

But as always, super interesting to see this glimpse of the future fusion of technology and biology that the 4IR is driving …

(Article cover image courtsey of https://techstory.in/is-it-possible-to-copy-and-paste-the-brain-samsung-electronics-might-have-a-way/)

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    1. Its crazy stuff hey?!
      I’m sifting through videos so I can post something short and informative about the super interesting idea from Ray Kurzweil called ‘The Singularity’ – in essence where we have fused ourselves with our technology and so accelerated our intelligence that we struggle to predict what our future selves might look or behave like (similar to the event horizon of a black hole Singlarity where we don’t know what happens on the other side of the event horizon). If I recall, his prediction was for this to occur in the 2040s – so, like, something you need to be aware of in your lifetime πŸ˜†

      1. I read about it in a book called ABUNDANCE, it’s about how we have evolved and getting ALL people out of poverty. This is measured in a few ways including child mortality percentages as well as extended lifespan. Very interesting!