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Jump into the exciting field of technology, learn to speak the language of Code, and get a taste for the wide and wonderful world of technology from Graphics to Robotics!

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The CanDo Creator Kit is a set of sensors and an awesome little CanDo Cube. The Cube works like a little miniature computer, and is programmed by you, the user, and together with the sensors in the kit can be used to build a whole bunch of real-world technology solutions ranging from a alarm clock to a robot that plays games on your physical computer! We teach you all this from zero-to-hero in the Applied Technology course for which this kit is a pre-requisite.

Your CanDo Creator Kit should be a plastic container that includes the following items:

  • 1x CanDo Cube. This is the ‘brains’ of the kit and the thing you will write software programs for to make it do interesting and useful things. CanDo Cube is QuantumCrayon’s branding of the device – under the hood it is an M5stack Core2 AWS device – should you need to google extra technical details or support.
  • 1x Light sensor. This sensor can measure how much light is in an area
  • 1x Distance sensor. This is rather cryptically labelled as ToF which is short for Time of Flight, and uses a narrow beam of invisible infrared light to measure the distance of things reflecting the light within roughly 2 meters.
  • 1x combination Temperature/Pressure/Humidity sensor. This is labelled as ENV-I, or ENV-II or ENV-III depending on when you purchased the kit and what generation of sensor was in use at the time
  • 1x Soil moisture sensor. This is labelled EARTH
  • 1x 180 degree Servo motor kit. There are two motors included, as well as some LEGO® compatible connectors to make it easy to use the motors with any LEGO® you might have. Note that the motor kit includes some yellow/red/brown extension cables, but that you will also use one of the little red/black/yellow/blue connector cables from the other sensors to connect each motor to your Cube.
  • 1x light strip. There are 15 little lights on the strip (technically the lights are known as Light Emitting Diodes or LED for short), with each individual light being able to be independently set any of 16 million colours!

The CanDo Creator Kit allows learner to experience technology in a practical way without dealing with the intimidating aspects of bare circuit boards, fiddly wires or soldering, by making use of standard connectors to connect a wide array of sensors to the CanDo Cube. Programming the Cube is done through visual block based LEGO®-like coding similar to MIT scratch. More advance learners are able to program the CanDo Cube using Micropython or Arduino C/C++ exposing them to some all the functionality of this powerful microprocessor.


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