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Experience the wonder and possibility of the fourth Industrial revolution #4IR


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Applied technology is a fun, fast, and very hands-on course designed to introduce learners to the power, wonder and excitement of making hardware and software technology do useful things for them in the real world, and so prepare them for an increasingly technology-powered future. The core objectives of the course are to

  • Make technology less ‘magical’, more accessible and highly practical.
  • Take maths and science out of an abstract concepts on a 2D page and apply them in the real 3D world as the underpinning principles that power all technology.
  • Focus on real-world applications and solutions, and set learners on a path to unleash their own creativity in using technology to solve problems in their own lives

The course is built around QuantumCrayon’s own CanDo Creator Kit which is available at the link below. You don’t need a tech or coding background as the course will teach you the language of technology – Coding – as you go, with practical exercises and immediate results that encourage ongoing interest and progression.

The course projects expose learners to a wide range of technologies ranging from pure graphics design where learners will design their own face for their CanDo Cube and give it some personality by animating its expressions, through to robotic automation where the Cube will use sensors and motors to play a game on your physical computer keyboard and screen! The projects guide learners in how to use technology to gather information from the real world, interpret it in Code and then take a physical action.

The QuantumCrayon EduPortal provides a safe community space in which learner can browse through community projects to learn from and collaborate with other learners who have worked on the same problems.

Jump into the exciting field of technology, learn to speak the language of Code, and get a taste for the wide and wonderful world of technology from Graphics to Robotics!

Additional projects are available on

The future is here. Do not wait, take part today!

6 reviews for Applied Technology e-learning course

  1. Rebecca

    This was the best technological course ever. It has a lot of videos explaining bit by bit all the concept associated with the application of technology. It is literally the best void-tech ever

  2. Botshelo

    i have enjoyed this course ,it is one of the most interesting courses i’ve ever done

  3. AMT0611

    Best course I’ve ever taken🥺!!!
    The whole course is being taught in a more hands on approach……

  4. Supreme_k

    This course is the basic map into the technology field.It maps and identifies some of the limitless opportunities and possibilities in the tech field and in our everyday life.The fact that the course revolves around a more hand-on approach makes tech less magical and enjoyable.Above all mentioned this course is the best

  5. Toko

    Fun course, loved almost evrythi NG about it… If had a chance I would do it over and over again

  6. Ava

    This is the best course I have ever taken. It gave me more interest to the technical side of things which I did not care about. The course has been super cool and fun and has made me notice that I can do anything with a positive mindset. Programming is actually easy and fun.

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