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  1. That is so cool! It’s the first plant monitor project I’ve seen 🀩

    You might want to experiment with the moisture reading to find what numbers match wet and dry soil, then use an if block to interpret the raw reading and display ‘dry’, ‘good’ etc.


    1. Well, I did experiment with the Earth Unit to find what numbers match wet and dry soil but haven’t worked on interpreting the readings..πŸ€” I will put myself up on a challenge for that. 😎

  2. Hi guys, thanks for your comments.
    How did i do it? There is really nothing that special done here guys.. but following Mr. John’s steps on the Env & Earth video. I think he makes everything clear and implementable if u follow his steps correctly. With just a lil bit of creativity on your side + the tips from the video, you should definitely be able to create a similar project. 🦾😊 Lets do it!

    1. Thanks Code-zero, apparently there are only 2 units been used here, one is ENV Sensor and the other is Earth Sensor, but i guess u could be more creative than me and add more units if preferred so.