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  1. Oh wow, that looks so awesome!

    Do you have the Cube inside the hat (is it a mokorotlo?) with the distance sensor pointing downwards?

    You could do the Rainbow/Disco lights project with this longer LED strip too for some next level party-hat effects πŸ˜†

    Very cool my man!

          1. Does it need to be a ToF sensor, or could something even as cheap, easy, and as simple as a switch work? I’m thinking you could hook the mini Cube up to the light strip and power it off a normal cellphone battery backup (you know, one of those 18650 batteries inside a little rectangular plastic case with the USB connector on one end). You’d lose the funky on/off effect when the hat gets put on, but it may be a cheaper, simpler and more reliable solution to just have a switch?
            You could also program the clickable button of the mini-Cube to rotate through different lighting effects each time you press it; or hook into the accelerometer to have the lights do different things as the person’s head moves ✨😎