Practical IoT with the CanDo Cube

JohnS · 2022-01-17

Learn about and explore the exciting new world of the Internet of Things! Build practical, real-world solutions for your home or work with the CanDo Cube and your very own Cloud IoT server!

Continuing on from the Applied Technology course, you’ll learn how to bring the power of the Internet and its almost infinite selection of applications and services to your own solutions.

With your own shiny new server living in the cloud you’ll quickly learn how to build a home weather station with a live graphical dashboard you can view from anywhere in the world, and will rapidly progress to controlling your own smarthome solution simply by speaking to your smartphone!

The course builds on the Applied Technology course, so has the same pre-requisites of a CanDo Creator kit, and the UIFlow programming environment. Please follow the instructions under the Applied Technology course Materials tab for instructions on downloading UIFlow. You will also need your own Node-Red server instance on the Internet, which you can create and manage below.

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