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JohnS · 2021-04-17

Click on the following link to download the UIFlow programming app used to program your cube: UIFlow-Desktop-IDE.

Watch the course video Downloading and installing the UIFlow programming app to learn how to download and install the UIFlow programming app.

NOTE: If you have an older model PC or otherwise get an error 'Shortcut has stopped working' when you try to start the UIFlow app, then you almost certainly have an older 32 bit Windows version that the normal 64bit version of UIFlow won't run on. We have a special version of the UIFlow programming app available to download here UIFlow-Desktop-IDE-32bit with slightly different installation instructions to the course video as explain in the forum post over here.

If you want to first confirm whether your system is 32 or 64 bit, hold down Windows Key and press Break/Pause (otherwise right-click the Start menu and choose System) - and look for the System Type row.

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