Mobile Apps

JohnS · 2022-03-09

It’s the modern era and even your toaster seems to need an app!

In the same fast, fun and friendly style of the Applied Technology course, this Mobile Apps course will show how to rapidly build real mobile apps for Android and IOS using different no-code and a low-code platforms. We’ll take the same rapid prototyping approach, and learn how to build apps that are user-focused, featureful and stylish.

We’ll build some fun apps such as a lightsaber app that reads the phones sensors and makes lightsaber noises as you swing your phone around in an epic lightsaber battle, as well as more business-focussed apps such as a personal expense tracker and a mini inventory tracking app that could be used in a small business.

You’ll leave this course knowing how to build real-world apps using two different platforms, plus having quickly and easily built four apps of your own!

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