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JohnS · 2021-10-14

Did you miss out on one of our sponsored events, or have you otherwise seen a buddy doing the course or found us online, but you can’t afford the Applied Technology course yourself?! Well the good news, is you can now join a waiting list for a funded slot from one of our sponsors or participating schools 😎

Just create a free account on the EduPortal and take this quick 10 minute quiz. When you complete this quiz, we’ll put your name and case on a waiting list for consideration by one of our sponsors or participating schools. The quiz has five quick puzzle questions for us to get an idea of where you are in your learning journey. Don’t stress if you can’t figure some out – just try your best and carry on! We also collect some ‘about you’ information so that we can properly equip and place you 👍

Slots are not guaranteed, but the better your motivation answer is, the better your chances of securing a slot will be!

Please note that to complete the course you will need:

  • Access to a Microsoft Windows computer at home or school
  • Have Internet access to watch at least 6 hours of course video
  • Have access to a CanDo Creator kit at school, know somebody with a course kit that you can borrow, or otherwise have a way of accessing a course kit.

Click Start Course to start your application, and good luck!

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